Flying Party with Aerial Hammock

Swing, flip, rock, cocoon and go upside down! No prior experience is needed, the session is customised according to the participant’s ability.

Aerial Party for age 3 – 6

  • 60mins, $75 per parent and child pair (2 pax)
  • min 10 pairs (20 pax) / max 11 pairs (22 pax)

Aerial Party for Age 7 – 15

Option 1: Parent and Child

  • 90mins, $95 per parent and child pair (2 pax)
  • min. 4 pairs (8 pax) / max. 5 pairs (10 pax)

Option 2: Child Only (Age 7 – 15)

  • 90mins, $70 per child
  • min. 10 children / max. 11 children

Aerial Party for Adults

  • 60mins, $50 per adult
  • min. 10 / max. 11 pax


Kids  / Family Yoga Party

Bond and support each other to the next level. No prior experience is needed, the session is customised according to the participant’s ability.

Yoga Party for age 2 – 4

  • 60mins, $60 per parent and child pair (2 pax)
  • min 10 pairs (20 pax) / max 11 pairs (22 pax)

Yoga Party Age 4 – 12

Option 1: Parent and Child

  • 60mins, $60 per parent and child pair (2 pax)
  • min 10 pairs (20 pax) / max 11 pairs (22 pax)

Option 2: Child Only

  • 60mins, $55 per child
  • min. 10 children/max. 12 children

Yoga Games & Party for Adults
Corporate, Birthday, Bachelorette Party

  • 60mins, $50 per adult
  • min. 10/ max. 12 pax


Sensory and Messy Play Party

Creativity is messy, and we are creative! An unstructured play that allows children to be empowered and meet their sensory needs. Children often go into their flow zone as they have the freedom to make their own choices. Children who are allowed to have sensory play tend to self-regulate better.

Wet paint, flour, and shaving foams are some of the favorites as children are allowed to be as messy as they want. Extra clothes are necessary!

Art and water play area are pop-ups, and children can explore freely as they experiment with different physics, chemistry, and social elements (eg: balancing, gravity, colour mixing, and social cues).

We teach children to be resilient and make do with the weather, embracing life as it comes. If it rains (without lightning), children wear their rain boots and raincoat and play in the rain (and they absolutely love this!). Play is serious learning, it’s a necessity, not a luxury.

Suitable for ages 1 – 13 years old.

  • 90mins, $40 per child (complimentary for adults)
  • min. 15 children / max. 40 children


Garden Party

Mother nature is our best teacher. Journey through our permaculture garden in this hands-on session.

Option for activities available:

  • Pebble Painting
  • Treasure hunt with senses (search the plant through sight, smell, touch)
  • Make your biodegradable pot (plant a seed to bring home)
  • Make your infusion tea (that changes colour!)
  • Dig, and make your “milo soil shake,” for the soil experiment
  • Explore lasagna transplanting with egg cartons, shredded papers, soil, and coco peats.
  • Montessori-inspired flower arrangement/terrarium
  • Upcycle an elephant milk jug / art and craft based on your child’s favourite animals
  • Garden Hunt
  • Upcycle art and craft

Option 1: Parent and Child (age 2 onwards)

  • 120mins, $60 per parent and child pair (2 pax)
  • min 10 pairs (20 pax) / max 20 pairs (40 pax)

Option 2: Child Only (age 5 onwards)

  • 120mins, $65 per child

min. 10 children / max. 15 children


Botanical Art Party

Get ready to craft a meaningful artwork with the plants and soil!

  • whittle to your own paintbrush using sticks, twigs, leaves and vines.
  • source for natural colour pigments from trees, leaves, flowers, and rocks to create watercolour for painting. See how the colours evolve as they add different binders and substance.

When the children can see and feel mother nature more, they understand better why they need to love and protect it.

Giving space to be creative and resourceful with the nature’s material found, while building an emotional connection with mother nature.

Option 1: Parent and Child (age 2 onwards)

  • 120mins, $60 per parent and child pair (2 pax)
  • min 10 pairs (20 pax) / max 12 pairs (24 pax)

Option 2: Child Only (age 5 onwards)

  • 120mins, $65 per child
  • min. 10 children / max. 15 children


Curious Science Party

For children age 4 – 11

Choose TWO from the following (each activity is 30 -35 mins)

  1. Volcano explosions!
  2. Lava lamp
  3. Magic colour explosion!
  4. Colourful oil bubbles
  5. Slippery slime (one type)
  6. Artistic glove puppet
  7. Physics of catapult 
  8. Natural perfume from plants and flowers
  9. Burst of confetti shooter

Duration & Pricing

  • 60mins for $60 per child (11-19 children)
  • 60mins for $55 per child (20-30 children)
  • select two activities or one wizard academy 
  • min 11 children / maximum 30 children

Description of Activities

Volcano explosions!

Our most exciting experiment. Your child creates their own volcanic eruption in a test tube using ingredients that can be found in any kitchen.
This experiment introduces the concept of chemistry and how a reaction takes place when you add two different things.
We add food colour to our volcanic eruption to make it look like lava!
A great way to get them started for the party.

Recommended for ages 3+

Physics of catapult

This is a simple physics experiment teaching children how stored energy can be used to throw objects far away.
We share the history of the catapult, how it is an effective equipment during ancient times.
A great toy for your child to experiment how heavy and light objects behave when pushed from the same catapult.
Build your child curiosity and confidence as they celebrate and be proud of their creation, especially when they bring their
own catapult home to show you.

Recommended for ages 3+

Magic colour explosion!

During this experiment, your child discover they can make beautiful colourful patterns by a simple chemical reaction.
This experiment explains how milk which is made up of water also contains proteins and fat. The fat and protein molecules behave differently when its introduced to a household chemical. Watch your child eyes’ glow as they mix different colours to make patterns, and enjoy watching them unfold !

Recommended for ages 3+

Colorful oil bubbles

This experiment is visually the most exciting as your child form a layer of oil and add small droplets of coloured water on top of that layer. Beautifully explains

  • how oil is lighter than water
  • how oil and water molecules don’t mix (they are not friends!).

Your child laser focus and concentrate to get beautiful droplets gently land on the oil. Children will use their magnifying glasses to see these bubbles nice and big.

Recommended for ages 5+


Natural perfume from plants and flowers

Our smelliest party. Your child have fun making their own fragrances in test tubes, like the top perfumeries worldwide.
We use natural scents – rose, lavender, lilies and more. With their powerful senses and energy, your child find what calls to them and make their signature notes.
Perfect for the pickiest of party goers.

Recommended for ages 3+


Slippery Slime

Watch how Science makes this gooey thing change as we change ingredients. Engaging hands-on experience for your child to understand how slime is made.

Recommended for ages 3+


Wizard Academy (one hour session)

Be surprised with the chemical reactions in the most tricky of situations. Your child experience specially sourced and one of the finest magical ingredients including powdered owl eggs and phoenix hearts. Wizard robes are provided and you will also make your own wands!

For the troublemakers, make your own fireworks toy from the famed wizarding shop.

Recommended for ages 4+

Woodmaking Party

Make your own multifunctional caddy, tablet stand or toy camera. Children will handle tools such as drill, saw, and hammer. They explore natural materials and do simple wood joinery and finishing.


Children experience the satisfaction of completing their wood project under the supervision of experienced adult facilitators. Spatial skills are needed for success in a variety of technical careers – including engineering, architecture, dentistry, computer programming, and more.

The workshops aim to engage a child’s imagination while imparting basic life skills. The open-ended nature of the sessions permits children to explore their own assumptions, make mistakes and harness their own problem-solving skills to make corrections.



  • Option 1: key chains x 2
  • Option 2: miniature creature


$70 / child
Minimum 15 pax
$100 additional for transport off-site


90 minutes of engaging, fun and hands-on activity

Explore the Bugs Party

Children have the opportunity to handle LIVE insects including Rhinocero and Stag beetles, and practice some insect-catching techniques.

Join our bug expert to explore Make A Difference (M.A.D) Garden with Mindful Space, and delve into the hidden world of the insects that live around and with us.

Experience fun, engaging, and hands-on experience with insects as you learn to be more aware of their importance to the ecosystem. These secret tiny bugs are hidden in areas within the leaves, soils, rocks, and woods that we easily miss when we walk passed.

Let us introduce you to new ways of looking and interacting with the natural world around us.


Suitable for ages 4 – 15 years old.

  • 90mins, $75 per child (complimentary for adults)
  • min. 10 children / max. 20 children


Our role for the garden party

Our focus for birthday parties is to provide fun and engaging activities for families and children.

Decoration, hosting, catering, food & beverage are not part of our services.

We love to see the families and children have a good time and make memories. Hence, we allow parents to decorate and have food in the garden. You can come one hour before the activity to set up your decoration. The event, including clean-up, are to be completed one hour after the activity. For example, if the activity is 4 – 5 pm. You can set it up at 3 pm and clean up by 6 pm.

We suggest informing the guests to come 15 minutes earlier as we won’t want any children to miss out when we start the activity on time.

Our team are also parents and would like to spend time with our family and children on weekends too.

For parties with food and decoration in the garden, there will be an additional S$100 charge for the venue rental (one hour before and one hour after the activity). It is the parent’s responsibility to reinstate the garden to its original condition. This includes cleaning up and removing all decorations, food, and items after the event. Role modeling to our children what it means to be responsible.

Alternatively, you may consider having your meal and cake at the eastern-western fusion restaurant beside our garden, “The Malayan Council”.

What is available for the garden party?

  • pre-planned activities by Mindful Space
  • public toilet and sinks are on the same floor.
  • venue rental for the garden party with food and decoration. two tables (120 x 60cm) can be provided. It’s a casual setting with greens, children usually sit around the grass and steps area.

What do you need to bring or know for the garden party?

  • for garden party food and drinks. Please receive your own food or cake deliveries. Cake can only be placed in an air-conditioner room (cold storage in a fridge is not available)
  • table clothes (minimum two pieces, at 120 x 60cm)
  • plates, cutleries, and cups
  • wet wipes and napkins
  • portable speaker for music if preferred (volume at a mindful and respectful level as there are classes in the building)
  • groundsheets/picnic mats (according to your crowd size)
  • birthday decorations (perhaps consider less messy decorations so you will save time on clean up!)
  • trash bags
  • extra tables/chairs (if needed)
  • ice and cooler box (if needed)
  • signage to usher the direction (suggest A4 size x 2) parents to removed after the party

We suggest making an appointment for a site visit with Vernessa at WhatsApp 9783 7313.

Food vendor within the premise of 10 winstedt road

The Malayan Council (TMC) restaurant is located beside our garden. Please contact them directly for food and table arrangement, WhatsApp +65 9009 7345. View their latest menu here

Food portions are generally large at the place.

Some suggestions for kids’ food menu from TMC:

  • Chicken in a basket: Crispy popcorn chicken served with fries
  • Creamy sausage bacon: Linguine tossed with sausage, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and aragula, cooked with creamy sauce
  • Chicken seafood marinara: Chicken, squid ink, and aragula tossed with tasty tomato sauce
  • Aglio chicken mushroom: Olive oil, garlic, cherry tomato, chicken, mushroom, and aragula. Drizzled with parmesan cheese.
  • Classic smokey margarita pizza: Tomato herb sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with fresh Italian basil leaves.
  • Green garden pesto pasta: Linguine cooked with basil, parsley pesto sprinkled with pine nut, and shaved parmigiano.

Birthday Cake & Decorations

We know you might have a preference for your cakes or cupcakes, so we have a special arrangement with The Malayan Council (TMC), a halal restaurant.

When you dine in at TMC (outside food are not allowed), you can bring in your own cakes and cupcakes (halal). It makes sense that you are responsible to handle your own outside cakes and cupcakes arrangement.

A bonus where you can also set up your own decoration. We trust parents will be sensible to remove the decorations after the party. TMC has indoor and outdoor dining spaces.


What happens if it rains?

The garden event is a rain-or-shine event. A great opportunity to learn to accept, be spontaneous, and be flexible with mother nature’s call.

In the event it rains, we move into the sheltered outdoor area, or the children can play in the rain (one of the favourites!).

Please bring an extra change of clothes. Play is serious learning! Children who have more free and unstructured play tend to self-regulate better.

Can we have food in the studio?

The studio is only for activities; all celebrations with food and drinks need to be at the garden, or The Malayan Council restaurant.

Please note events are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Yes, I am keen! Who do I contact?

Whatsapp 9783 7313 with your interest

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Child’s Name and Age
  3. Possible dates and time
  4. Activity / Theme
  5. Number of participants
  6. The participants’ age (children only)
  7. Anything else we should know (eg: injuries, special needs, etc)

Dinosaur and Botanical Art Party

Sensory and Messy Play Party