The Founder

As a parent, I realised my child is a reflection of me. It is easy to become a parent, not easy to parent well.  We actually need to learn how to be a positive and healthy role model. Action speaks louder than I Love You

Vernessa Chuah, Founder & Director
A mother, educator and coach

What is Mindful Space?

Mindful Space has been featured by Monash University (Australia) as a changemaker in 2021 – Singapore’s first parent and child physical platform that curates holistic learning experiences and teach values through fun play. We curate parent and child activities, kids enrichment, family programmes, parenting workshops, certified professional courses, wellness classes and more. We work with experts and trainers in Singapore and abroad.


Assist individuals in developing and balancing the child’s mind (IQ), body (PQ), emotions and behaviour (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) intelligence.


Building a proactive, positive and respectful parenting community for the future generation.


Focus on teaching life skills and nurture positive values that last a lifetime – resilience, empathy, growth mindset, perseverance, perspective-taking, courage, and self-esteem, through fun play from infancy to teenhood.


We hold a safe and respectful space to co-exist with people from different walks of life. Everyone has a story and voice, we value each individual differences and their unique contribution. As a holistic and inclusive parent and child space, our people are the backbone of the company and values start from within.


Being respectful and accepting allows our people to be compassionate and support each other as a team. Here is where they can shine for who they are and what they do. We embrace the differences because together we are better. Together we can have our mental space, emotional stories and physical voice be seen, feel and heard harmoniously. With this, Mindful Space can continue to grow and strive for what we love and believe. Our thinking, doing and being are aligned.


Social Space: Support and serve parents (especially mothers).
Head Space: Recharge our mental strength and power.
Heart Space: Ready to accept and give.
Holding Space: Embrace and open to others.
Personal Space: Practise self – love and care.


Empower parents, teachers and caretakers with the knowledge, skills and strength to be a proactive, positive & respectful role model for the future generation. Mindfulness is about BEING, not just doing. Being in the moment with our children.


Focus on life skills that will nurture positive habits that last a lifetime. Resilience, empathy, growth mindset, perseverance, perspective – taking, courage, and self-esteem.