“As a parent, I realised my child is a reflection of me. It is easy to become a parent, yet not easy to parent well.  We actually need to learn how to be a positive and healthy role model. Action speaks louder than the words I Love You.

Vernessa Chuah, Founder & Director
A mother, educator and coach

My dream was to be a teacher since young. Somehow I knew I was an educator at heart. I spent more than 16 years, gaining experience as an educator in Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, connecting with both children and adults.

Diving into many different educational work and activities, such as children reading circle, special needs notetaking, childcare teacher support, relief teaching, private tutoring, enrichment teaching and tertiary lecture.

My love for learning and sharing has spurred me to further pursue my Masters in Education, with a specialisation in Leadership, Policy and Change.  There were three missing links that inspired me to build Mindful Space; here are the three core pillars:

The first was the well-being of parents. There were times I felt parents forget that taking care of themselves is also part of taking care of their children. I want a space that encourages parents to recharge themselves so they can be better versions of themselves for their family – mentally, emotionally and physically.  We need to fill our cup first, so we can run a longer mile and not on leftover fuel. This is the reason Mindful Space provides yoga, mindfulness, meditation and wellness workshops for parents.

The second – knowledge and skills for parents and partners. As 21st-century parents, we are advocating respectful and positive parenting, yet most of us lack the knowledge and skills as we are raised in the traditional and conservative way; nagging, yelling, and even spanking was common. Good news, these are learnable skills and I am inspired to create a neutral space where we can leverage a vast range of expertise from professionals from different backgrounds –  from a nutritionist, family psychiatrist,  occupational therapist, to relationship and family coach and other like-minded beings who are aligned with our vision. Mindful Space curates quality learning and experiences conducted/facilitated by different trainers and speakers on a monthly basis to provide workshops from the moment parents are expecting their first child to when their children become young adults at 18 years old. I believe that every parenting journey has a different set of challenges at each stage of our children’s growth. It doesn’t necessarily get easier, and we are parents for a lifetime. Parenthood is on-the-job training that never ends.

The third – bonding and learning as a family.  When researchers look into Danish and Dutch kids who are known as one of the happiest kids in the world, it was family bonding and time together that contribute to the quality of their childhood and later on adulthood. My ambition is to create opportunities for parents and children to bond and learn together, whether it’s family yoga, music & movement, creative arts therapy, sensorial play or other experiential learning. Through fun-play, parents can discover more about themselves and their children. Both parties explore how to communicate and express themselves better and reinforce the life skills and values learned as a family

In addition, I love the outdoors very much, from hiking up Mount Everest B.C, camping on no man’s land (we hunted and gathered our own food), to sailing. I hope the next generation has the opportunity to enjoy adventures and deeper connections with mother nature, grounding ourselves and leading more centred lives. Thus, I also created an edible urban farm at Mindful Space so families can explore BEING together, BEING with themselves individually, or simply just BEING and practicing mindfulness.

In addition, my loss of three beautiful angel babies had transformed my vulnerability to support other women who experienced miscarriage, abortion and infertility. I hold a pregnancy loss circle for the community, and coach women on how to move forward with the trauma, grief and loss.  Being the first pregnancy loss coach in South East Asia, I am committed to shining light on this not-talk-much-about-topic that affects 20% of pregnant women worldwide.

Mindful Space is everything I believe and love  – children & education, parenting knowledge, continuous learning, yoga and fitness. You will find me constantly reading, learning and taking courses to upgrade myself. I look forward to hosting amazing international speakers and organising events that have been life-changing for me; Mindful Space is where I can share my enriching experience.

I aim to empower parents to better support and accept their children’s well-being and emotions. Most importantly, let’s all enjoy the parenting journey! As a mother, educator and coach, I believe positive change starts with us. We have the power to gift to the next generation, self-empowerment, self-love, self-awareness and more.

Vernessa Chuah
(Founder of Mindful Space)
A mother, educator and coach

Recognition & Awards

  • Monash Education | Vernessa Chuah | Mindful Space Monash University (Australia), 2021. Changemaker in the community
  • Channel News Asia | Mindful Space Singapore Channel New Asia (Singapore), 2021. Pregnancy Loss Coach
  • Expat Living SG (Singapore) | 2022 for Best Kids Art Programme Silver Winner | Mindful Space Singapore Expat Living SG (Singapore), 2022 for Best Kids’ Art Programme Silver Winner
  • Women Business Owners Asia, 2022. Life Coach for Parents, Kids, and Women

Core Pillars


Assist in growing a child’s mind (IQ), physique (PQ), emotions and behaviour (EQ), and social intelligence (SQ).


Focus in building a proactive, positive and respectful parenting community for the future generation.


Nurture resilience, empathy, growth mindset, and self-esteem through play from infancy to teenhood.

Core Values


  • Curious about what stories our body is telling us (physical awareness)
  • Listen to different perspectives with compassion, without judgment (social awareness)
  • Understand what triggers our fight, flight, or freeze mode and how to manage our unmet needs (emotional awareness)
  • Willing to explore new and possible solutions (risk-taking and out of comfort zone)
  • Open to asking questions to go deeper (why, who, when, where, how)
  • Find ways to explore and stretch our mental and physical capacity
  • Willing to say “I don’t know”, be wrong or make mistakes so we can learn
  • Being present in the moment (mindfulness practice)
  • Motivated to grow, learn progress (intrinsic motivation)
  • Willing to learn, unlearn and relearn
  • Nurture the love for learning (life skills)


  • Promotes healthy inner voice and increases self-esteem
  • Enhanced intrinsic motivation, self-discipline, and perseverance
  • Improved sense of self-worth and belonging
  • Develop a level of awareness towards self and others’ need
  • Trust owns level of competency and resilience level
  • Ability to explore out-of-the-box thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • Build patience, concentration, and cooperation
  • Grow a healthy positive mindset
  • Learning to make requests (instead of complaining)
  • Conscious of how our words and actions impact others (kind, helpful, and necessary)



Compassion is like a muscle, the more we practice compassion, the stronger it gets.

  • Competent to acknowledge and articulate the discomfort we experience in our emotions, body, and social context
  • Learning to make requests for our own needs (compassionate to self)
  • Encourage others and cooperate in a team (compassionate to others)
  • Ability to hold boundaries and respect others’ boundaries
  • Be kind and respectful to our own body and self


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